Song Saa Collection

Song Saa Collection


Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Using organic and sustainable materials, we craft beautiful modern spaces and products that blend craftsmanship with innovation. We believe in aesthetics with integrity and work with local artisans to create contemporary design collections with a traditional soul. We are constantly adding to our original fashion and homeware collections, so check back regularly for updates. Our online shop is also coming soon...


launching soon...


Song Saa Design works with incredible artisans throughout Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and remote parts of China. All of our products and textiles are hand crafted using traditional techniques, and held to the highest, time-tested standards of quality.

Incredible Artisans

About the Designer

Melita Koulmandas is the creative force behind Song Saa Design. The architect and interior designer of Song Saa Private Island, Melita also creates homeware and fashion collections, focusing on organic, recycled and repurposed materials, to create an aesthetic that is both earthy and innovative.