Our Culture

As is more and more apparent in present day, the planet is under strain due to some-what reckless and unethical human consumption. The tourism industry is not exempt, and in fact, is a relatively large contributor to the problem. The recognition of this issue is at the core of our existence and our operations are conducted with consideration of our environment, human and natural. 

Sensible, Ethical tourism is the only sustainable way forward. 

The collective is guided by its own set of forward thinking rules, a credo that influences everything we do. We call it our Song Saa Pledge...

We Create...

  • We believe in the power of dreams and design, and celebrate ideas and creativity, no matter where they come from.
  • We foster physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and a culture of lifelong learning.
  • We create the conditions for individual, team and organisational success.
  • We lead with our hearts and take business personally.

We Collaborate...

  • We think of ourselves as global citizens, living in an interconnected community that spans the continents.
  • We acknowledge the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, NOT the other way around.
  • We find inspiration in diversity, gender equity and progressive values.
  • We're humble; we don't tolerate egos.
  • We like to have fun, but never at someone else's expense.

We Commit...

  • We're an entrepreneurial organisation with a strong social mission and believe the role of business is to serve society.
  • We commit to radical transparency across all we do and who we are.
  • We're committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We never let a Song Saa Collective family member fail.
  • We commit to using the power of ethics, beauty, integrity and style to inspire our customers and partners to join us in this movement.