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Song Saa Foundation Raffle

Our Annual raffle gives you the chance to win a stay on our island whilst making a positive contribution to our natural environment. This year our focus is on further restoring and expanding our Coral reef. Each ticket is 25USD and the more you spend the more chance you have of winning. For example; Donate 100USD = 4 tickets into the raffle! Enter the code "SAVETHEREEF" to join the raffle! Raffle winners will be announced on 27th May!

$25 Donation

Support a large-scale beach clean-up event to remove problematic plastics and other trash from our otherwise pristine island coasts or plan one mangrove tree.

$50 Donation

A full-day research trip to aid the conservation of our resident coral reefs, mangrove forests and seagrass meadows.

$100 Donation

A ‘reef pod’ to place on our Song Saa artificial coral reef, providing a new home for corals, fish and other rare marine critters.

Where does the donation go?

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You can support the Song Saa Foundation by sponsoring our latest project - artificial coral reef. 

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If you'd like to contribute by hosting or organising a fundraiser for the foundation, get in contact with us to explore the opportunities.

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Become our partner

Partner with Song Saa Foundation and play a key role in sustainable development and environmental conservation in rural Cambodia.

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